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Install Solar Attic Fans

Attic fans from JP Home Services are a natural, cost effective way to help your home become more comfortable and efficient.  It is not unusual for the attic temperature to be 130F or more during the hot summer days. Since most of the AC pipes are above the insulation in the attic, they get hot and make the AC system work much harder. After installing a solar attic fan the attic temperature will be lowered significantly.  A well-ventilated attic will keep the attic cooler which helps the AC system run more efficiently making your home more comfortable with lower energy bills.  JP has installed hundreds of these fans over the past fifteen years with great results.  Because our solar attic fans rely only on the sun, they require $0 to operate and, unlike electric attic fans, they will last for twenty years or more, plus all of our solar attic fans include a lifetime warranty!
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Install radiant barrier   garage doors

Install Radiant Barrier - Garage Doors

Radiant Barrier - The Easiest Method to Cool the Garage

If your garage entrance faces South or West, the simplest and fastest way to help cool your garage is to add a radiant barrier to the interior surface of your garage door. The radiant barrier JP Home Services uses is a premium ¼” of high-density foam sandwiched between a reflective foil outside facing layer and either a foil or a solid white interior face. The encapsulated air cells serve as an effective thermal break, while the outer layer(s) of metalized film reflect up to 97% of all radiant energy back out of the garage. 

Unlike most installers, we remove the hurricane stiffeners and install the radiant barrier behind them as well.  This involves considerable extra labor but gives the best protection.  If you just put the radiant barrier up to the hurricane stiffeners, the area behind them is unprotected and the stiffeners will function like a radiator fin and radiate even more heat into the garage.  We allow for a nominal 1” air gap between the radiant barrier and the external aluminum of the garage door which facilitates the best performance of the radiant barrier.

If your garage is not insulated, we suggest that you leave one of the doors raised about 1-2” at the bottom of the door.  This provides a small opening at the top of the garage door which creates a ventilation channel.  If you have attic stairs in the garage area, we suggest propping the attic stairway open 1-2”.  This will allow the hot air to come in from outside, flow up toward the attic stairs now functioning as an exhaust chimney and go up and out of the attic. This ventilation path will help the air temp in the garage to stabilize and become closer to the ambient (outside) air temperature.  If you garage is not insulated, you will achieve far better performance with the installation of a solar attic fan to exhaust the hot air out of your attic.

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Attic insulator

Install Attic Stairway Insulator

The attic door may seem like it is keeping the things in the attic out of the home, but nothing could be further from the truth. Traditional attic door installations have no insulation value and no sealing capacity. In other words, an unprotected attic stairway door is like placing an exhaust chimney in your attic’s ceiling. The JP Home Services Attic Stairway Insulator solves this problem using a highly reflective thermal radiant barrier to reflect heat and seal air gaps. This keeps heated or cooled air from leaving the living spaces. Our Attic Stairway Insulator will also keep any dust, allergens, insects, or rodents out of the home or garage by sealing the gaps that are inherent in a typical attic door installation.

Benefits of an Attic Stairway Insulator

Attic insulators keep allergens and dust from entering your home.  They also reflect heat and cold away from you attic entry door which improves energy efficiency.  Attic stairway insulators cost $0 to operate and they maximize HVAC performance by helping to keep the attic cooler.


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Attic fresh deodorizer
Before and After Attic Fresh Deodorizer


Sometimes the attic can get really nasty! Rodents leave feces, bacteria can grow, and odors develop.  You can combat all of this with Attic Fresh treatment from JP Home Services.  This enzyme treatment digests and liquefies organic waste and eliminates odors in attics.  Attic Fresh will leave the attic disinfected and smelling great. Customers love the clean citrus scent and the fact that their attic will be healthier.  Attic Fresh is easily sprayed on surfaces in the attic to disinfect and deodorize. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, and smells great.
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Hvac condensate line flush and clean

Flush & Clean HVAC Condensate Line

Why HVAC Condensate Line Flushing/Cleaning is Recommended by all HVAC Manufacturers

A/C condensate drain pan overflows are a very common and costly service problem for the homeowner. When the condensate line plugs from slime, sludge, algae, or a critter intrusion, the line backs up and overflows.  Often this water does not stay in the furnace room.  Rather the condensate water migrates to the adjoining rooms. 

If this overflow is not discovered and stopped in a timely manner, toxic black mold can also begin to grow. I recently was part of a water damage remediation team that discovered over $25,000.00 of damage had occurred in the laundry and kitchen area adjacent to the furnace room.  In addition to the financial loss, the homeowner was not able to use their home for over three weeks during the time when the mold was being treated and removed.  It took and additional nine weeks without the use of the kitchen to complete the removal and replacement of the drywall behind the cabinets.  Most of the base cabinets had to be replaced along with all of the flooring in the kitchen and dining area.

The homeowner had a local HVAC install an overflow switch to turn the HVAC system off once the water reached a certain level, but the switch failed, which is quite common.  Our condensate line flushing/cleaning program could have prevented this disaster.  This problem is easy to overlook because the furnace room is often out of sight and out of mind. The use of the JP Home Services condensate flushing/cleaning service could have discovered and prevented this disaster from happening.


When it comes to comfort, the hot and humid climate of our Central Florida location poses some challenges for the homeowner. To keep your home comfortable, your air conditioner’s evaporator coil has to remove a lot of moisture from the air. That moisture collects in a drain pan, but it can’t simply be left there. That’s where the condensate drain line comes in. The condensate line is a simple pipe that performs a very important function, safely draining excess moisture away from your home. You can identify this drain by finding the PVC that passes through an exterior wall to the outside, usually near the garage. The condensate line runs down under the concrete slab and then comes backup to discharge the water 6-8” above the ground.  This design means that if the HVAC is not used regularly, the water in the line will become stagnant and provide a great opportunity for fungi and algae to grow and the line often becomes clogged as a result.  As illustrated above a clogged drain can become a COSTLY PROBLEM.


First, we flush the line thoroughly to remove as many contaminants as possible.  When a serious clog is encountered we may need to run a flexible plumbing snake to properly dislodge the contaminants that adhere to the pipe’s inner surfaces We evacuate all remaining water and contaminants by attaching a suction device to the discharge end of the exterior pipe leaving your home. We flush the pipe with a product specifically formulated for cleaning condensate lines.  Unlike the traditional vinegar/bleach flushing mixture, our product is non-corrosive, biodegradable, non-toxic, and emits no fumes.  The best part is at the end of our flushing/cleaning process, your pipes and the furnace room won’t smell like a pickle that has been soaked in bleach! The cleaned condensate line is refilled with fresh water so we can make sure the condensate line is properly discharging the condensate.

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our condensate line preventative maintenance program.

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Tankless water heater flush and descale

Flush & Descale Tankless Water Heater

Why do you need to Flush & Descale at least once per year?

Because of the hard water in The Villages, over time the heating chamber of the tankless water heater will often accumulate a mineral scale of lime deposits.

Why is Tankless Water Heater scale bad?

The build-up of scale on the water heater elements within a tankless water heater reduces the overall efficiency of the water heating process thus increasing your energy bill. If left unattended, this scale will lead to corrosion damage to the water heating elements often creating the need to replace these elements or the entire tankless heater. In other words, the lifespan expectancy of the tankless heater can be seriously compromised if the scale is not removed on a regular basis and your tankless heater may eventually fail completely.


On an annual basis, we will use a specialized flushing system to completely remove the accumulated scale.  The system involves bypassing the heater and using a self-contained pumping system to recirculate water and the descaling chemical specifically formulated for this application that is manufactured by JP’s former employer, Hercules Chemical.  The solution quickly and easily dissolves the inorganic lime deposits  to reestablish the normal circulation and heat transfer efficiency.  Once the flush water flows clean to indicate that the scale has been dissolved and is free of contaminants, the bypass is removed and the heater is restarted and checked for proper operation.
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